February 16, 2016


I have 3 cats.  I have discovered that 3 cats is too many cats.  2 cats felt boring and I was excited about having another cat but once that baby cat grew into a normal sized cat, I realized we had too many.  I'm hoping its because he's still young and crazy and once he gets older, he settles down a bit.  Then maybe 3 cats won't be too many.  I've had 3 cats before when I was growing up but those were indoor and outdoor cats so they had plenty of room to be crazy outside and not crowd up the house with their insanity.  Now we just have a house full of crazy cat antics. 

I did let them outside today for a bit.  They're all fixed now so my main purpose for keeping them inside is to cut down on the flea problem.  Etta has a weird relationship with the outdoors.  She gets along great with the other cats but after being outside for about 30 minutes today, she was hissing at both of them.  It's like she has a feral reset button.  Except she still wants to come inside because she knows there's food in here.  She's back to normal now.  I think all of the outside smells wore off and she realized that she's a civilized cat. 

She probably called this conference to apologize

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