February 23, 2016

Super Annoyed

So pretty much since three in the afternoon, things have not been going my way today.  I don't want to discuss the details because I've rehashed events enough for the day, but I do want to say this:

If you are in a vehicle, you stop for pedestrians.  Period.  It doesn't matter that you don't think they should be walking where they're walking.  It doesn't matter that they started to cross the street and you're delayed.  It doesn't matter that you're in a car and can force them to move to not inconvenience your selfish self.  Stop.  Your.  Car.  You can easily seriously injure or kill someone and they aren't going to make you that much later anyway.  Think of how much time you waste on any given day with staring at your phone or online or doing other pointless stuff.  It's about as long, or less so, as you'll spend waiting on a pedestrian.  Oh yeah, and if you drive away after striking someone, you're pretty much the biggest dick ever.

Incidentally, I'm alright.

Today's prayer is for peace.

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