April 9, 2014

One Does Not Simply Contact Krangela


So I realized that I totally missed my blog for today and I had a really good one I was going to employ, but then I logged on to see an advertisement that makes absolutely no sense attached to one of Angela's posts.  Hello to you too sir, and welcome to the Asylum.  You apparently seem to fit right in with your interesting form of internet insanity.  Anyway, as promised to you, here is your space to uh...clarify whatever it was you meant.

I must be crazy.  Maybe I shouldn't indulge these people.

Angela?  John?  Thoughts?  Post below.  Here's your comment space people.

EDIT:  Also, touché sir.  I find it incredible that after you came here and spouted off on our blog, you find it prudent to filter/block your own.  I think we shall be looking into this.

EDIT II:  After further research into our blog, I've decided to include this little tidbit.  It's like Easter Eggs in a video game!  We have exactly ONE article that gets ALL The spam and then another article that got one.  The winner of the spam article contest is:  Jesus Gest Toast, Dumbledore Gets Trucks.

Final EDIT:  So as it turns out, our little spam poster is pretty much as I expected him to be.  I had such high hopes for this strangeness that suddenly vomited a random, rambling post all over Angela's poor Lent post yesterday.  A little investigation reveals that he's one of those people who just wants validation and no conversation.  What a pity.  We could have made beautiful insanity together.  Now that post just gets moved to spam.  But anyone else who'd like to contact the Krangela with randomness can still feel free to utilize the space below!  It's so lonely down there!