April 6, 2014

Busy Sunday

We did lots of stuff today.  We went to church, IHOP, Ikea, and Ross.  Bishop was being super wiggly in church.  He kept going back and forth between me and John.  When he was sitting with John, he would grab the pew in front of him and pull himself up and then tap the lady in front of us on the shoulder so she would pay attention to him.  He loves people.  He's just like his dad.  He doesn't seem like the type to show off or do crazy things to get attention, he just likes smiling at everyone.  Hopefully this means he'll be social but calm.  He's gonna be popular.  He's already got the looks.  The lady at IHOP said all the chicks would be after him.  I said they already are.  Who could say no to this face?!

What? You needed this filed right?

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