April 15, 2014

Captian America round 2

So we're going back to the drive-in tonight for round 2 of trying to see Captain America.  This time we're bringing cash just in case so we are almost sure to be successful this time.  The only way we are not seeing this movie is if the theater suddenly shuts down or possibly we are taken over by another country and all of our cash money is invalid for some reason.  In that case, we might have bigger problems than getting to the theater on time. 

John put up my shelf!  Now I can display my growing up dolls.  I don't think I've ever had them all out in one place before.  I used to keep them on my dresser as a kid but mom had all the really young ones put away.  Number 7 was always my favorite because there's a kitty at her feet.  They stop at 16.  I guess that means you're grown up at 16.  I feel like 25 would be a more accurate number.  Although I guess it's different for everyone. 

They're keeping vigilant watch over the dinner table

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