April 6, 2014

Starting Anew

I had a good long chat with one of the priests at my church today and I've resolved myself to finally move forward on some things that have been keeping me back.  I just want to bury the past in the past and not have it come back to haunt me over and over again.  This week threw me for a loop, because I got side swiped by some pretty rocky parts of my past out of the blue; things that still hurt to think about and also things I didn't know would still hurt when I encountered them again.

After that discussion, I learned some of the reasons behind why those things came up again.  This time, it didn't hurt to talk about.  I don't feel the same weight I did when it happened for 'no reason'.  A part of me feels like I should feel worse about it, but I actually don't.  I'm a little irritated by what happened now, but I no longer feel like it's hovering over me, holding me back.  Either.

I obviously need to take a serious look at what's going on with me, which is going to take a lot of introspection and prayer, but I'm finally ready to move on with my life and I finally feel like I'm in a position to do it.

I just want to finish this post with a huge thank you to every single one of my friends.  I love you all.  You are all awesome.  I'm not a perfect friend.  At times I'm probably unbearable to be around, but you never make me feel like I'm a burden.  You've been here for me in ways you probably will never realize and I'm sorry if I've ever made you feel taken advantage of or awkward.  I hope you all keep in contact with me over the years, because you're awesome.  The best people, honestly.

Thank you!