April 12, 2014

Lent Fail 2: the search for more money

Wow, I'm really dropping the ball this week.  I think my brain is conspiring against me.  Last night after Bishop went to bed, John asked me if I blogged yet.  I said no and thought I totally need to do that and then IMMEDIATELY FORGOT ABOUT IT!  It's like my brain thought that remembering that I hadn't done it was good enough and decided I was done.  Or maybe it thinks Easter is here already.  Who knows. 

So we adopted a dog today!  He's so cute.  I mean of course he's cute or we probably wouldn't have adopted him.  He's 2 years old and he's a very large chihuahua, like at least twice the size of a regular chihuahua so he's most likely a mix.  We decided to name him Odin.  He wasn't fixed yet though so we can't bring him home until Wednesday.  That gives us plenty of time to prepare.  We already bought a dish, a leash, and a chew toy for him.  I hope he likes Etta.  And Etta likes him.  She's still in heat so I'm pretty sure she loves everything that moves.... and doesn't move for that matter.  Speaking of which, they just opened a low cost spay and neuter clinic next to the shelter we were at so we're gonna make an appointment there soon to fix Etta so she will calm the fuck down.  This cat is out of control. 

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