April 13, 2014


Bishop found a new person to flirt with in church today.  He kept taping her on the shoulder during service.  He was trying to pull himself up on the pew again.  He stands up on everything now.  He started this new things were he hits himself on the side of the head, especially when he's tired.  It's like he's trying to beat himself to sleep.  Apparently him and John are on the same nap schedule.  They both fell asleep at the same time but John slept about 20 minutes longer than Bishop.  Now they're hanging out together while I finish blogging.  Bishop likes to pull the cord out from the computer which is bad cause the battery is shot.  It's so bad that even though it says its fully charged, there's a red X over the battery symbol.  That means "yeah, it's charged but you're battery life is like a minute". 

Here's a picture of Bishop foraging for diaper supplies.  

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