April 14, 2014

What's in a Name?

Yesterday I finally did what I have been fighting since I first started working at the gas station; I accidentally started to call my coworker, Haily, "Angela".  I did this twice.  I'm a terrible person.  Yet I maintain that it was an understandable mistake because Haily, like Angela, is into the same random crazy writings, movies, and whatnot that we are.  She even read Twilight like Angela and shares a mutual dislike (and I've kind of been forcing her to watch all of them with me while we listen to RiffTrax, because that is the only way I will watch them).

She would probably fit in with this blog.  Like, if we started actually collecting people to put up articles the way we had planned to do Asylum 204, she would have her own page, because she is one of the entities that feed on random craziness and regurgitate it as awesome.  If we were all together in a room, it would start the end of the world because Jesus would totally come back to chill with us, thus accidentally ushering in the apocalypse.  Or something not sacrilegious but along those lines.  Yeah.

Angela, why aren't we doing Asylum 204 the way we'd talked about?

EDIT:  Oh yeah, because we procrastinate at writing.

EDIT II:  We need to stop doing that.

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  1. I guess my first comment wasn't good enough... I hit publish and it just disappeared and didn't post. We should change the contact page into an open invitation to join the blog.