April 11, 2014

First Fire of the Season

So we had a bonfire tonight.  It didn't occur to me until just now that I should have taken pictures.  Documenting fun is totally for blogs and blogging!  This just solidifies my theory that if I had a better phone, I'd use it to take pictures and update this blog.  Probably, maybe...most likely.  Yeah.

The last couple of times we've done a fire, we've had one to burn the things we've 'needed' to burn.  Last time, we burnt our parents' old furniture.  Trust me, it needed to go.  I would update with pictures -again- if I had remembered to take some.  This time we were burning all of our trash newspapers and what not.  I think we should stick with couches.  They're more fun to burn.

Anyway!  Just one more week until Easter.  I'm excited to color eggs with my nephew.  I managed to score Thursday through Sunday off this week.  Maybe I'll remember to include pictures this time!

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