April 17, 2014

New Family Member

Odin is here!  Here's some pictures. 

 So, we have discovered that he is a stuffed animal dog.  After he ran around the yard and absorbed all the new smells, he came inside and picked up every one of Bishops stuffies that were laying on the floor.  There was at least 20 of them lying around.  So I put away all the nice ones that I don't want destroyed and left a few out for him to play with. 

He's wonderful with Bishop.  He licks his face and hands and doesn't care when Bishop grabs his face.  Bishop has cried one time when Odin licked his face too much. 

The only real problem is the cat.  Etta was hiding when Odin came home and when she finally came out, Odin chased her.  So I haven't seen much of Etta since yesterday.  I tried telling Odin 'no' after he chased Etta this morning but I don't know if that'll be enough to get him to stop.  I guess we'll see what happens.  Overall though, he's a really great dog! 

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