April 18, 2014

Good Friday

Apparently the post I created yesterday did not actually go through.  Either that or I'm losing my mind, because I totally remember making a post and publishing the post, but I no longer see it here.  Very odd.

To make up for that-and thus missing a day of Lent blogging-I have decided to answer a 'viewer question'.  I don't actually know if my sister reads my blogs, so she may not actually be a 'viewer' but I guess she's going to have to in order to get the answer to her question.  Love you sis! :)


I didn't have time to write an answer to my sister's question "Why is today called 'Good Friday'?" this morning.  I did see it, but then I had to go to church.  In a way, I'm very glad I didn't try to answer it then.  The homily was about why today is called Good Friday, and so I am totally going to respond here with what I learned today at church.

Good Friday is called "Good" because it is the day that Jesus fulfilled his ultimate purpose of coming here to reconcile us to God.  He knew what was about to happen to him and he willingly went to death in order to rectify the separation between God and creation.  His sacrifice was "good"; his wounds wash away our sin, and his suffering and death reconcile us to God.

The exact question was the appropriateness of calling the day "Good", I believe, however.  In this case, I would say it is completely appropriate.  If Jesus were just a good man put to death, I could understand why we might be hesitant to call the day a "good" one.  But Jesus was God incarnate in the creation of man and knew that his sacrifice and death would establish a new covenant between God and creation.  As one of the members of the trinity and therefore fully God, but also a member of creation and therefore fully human, he is the only one capable of bringing about the salvation of creation.  So today is a good day, because even though Jesus was crucified, it is the beginning of our hope, salvation, and the triumph over sin.

I hope this Is all accurate and I hope this answers your question, sis!

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