April 9, 2014

Lent Fail

I missed my blog yesterday.  I don't even have a good excuse.  I just put it off and then we left to go see Captain America.  But we didn't even get to see it cause they couldn't accept cards at the drive-in and we didn't have enough cash.  So that was about an hour of driving around for nothing.  I guess I was just too disappointed to think about blogging. 

So I googled my maiden name today.  All the results were me and it knew what my married name was.  It's like the internet is stalking me.  One website thinks I still live in Georgetown.  Two other websites think I used to live in Portland.  I've never even been to Portland.  Another website thinks my fathers name is Patrick.  I mean, it might be cause he was adopted and doesn't know his original name but I don't think the website actually knows this.  I think they just confused him with my brother.  Another website thinks I'm related to someone named Daniel Maples.  Then I googled my married name.  None of them were me.  I'm way more anonymous now.  Yay! 

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