April 10, 2014


I saw a commercial today that started with "Do the numbers on scale keep going up?  It might not be your fault.  It could be your diet."  What?!  My diet?!!  I thought you were just supposed to wish the pounds away?  I was trying so hard!  In all seriousness though, if you have a shitty diet then, yes, it is still your fault.  The only way you can relinquish responsibility for a weight problem are medical issues like a thyroid problem.  I would also say pregnancy but in that case it's not a "problem". 

I'm not saying what specific product they were selling but it was a program that sends you all your food.  You know... in case you don't know how to shop.  You can pay them to shop for you.  Then you won't have any money to buy junk food! 

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