February 27, 2013

Writing at work

Today I am blogging with pen and paper because I am currently subbing for a bunch of self-directed, well-behaved students which means I'm bored as shit.  There is literally nothing for me to do but sit up here and pretend to be busy by writing in my notebook that I am now very glad I brought.  Sure, there's a picture of Batman and Robin on the front but as long as I keep the cover flipped back, no one has to know.  It's a pretty awesome picture though.  It's kind of a shame none of the students get to see it.  Even if I did flip it around, they're too busy working diligently to notice. 

I'm getting paid to be bored right now.  Sometimes life is kinda awesome.  I wish being bored for money was more steady work.  Or I should say, being bored for good money.  I know there's a lot of minimum wage jobs out there that involve sitting around waiting for customers.  I don't really wanna do that. Mainly cause you're always supposed to look busy and trying to find things to do so your boss can get the most out of their $8 an hour can be exhausting.  My boss can't even see me right now.  I don't even really know who my boss is.  I guess it would be the principal but that changes almost daily if I go to different schools.  There's a lady I can call at the district office but she's more of an HR person than a boss. 

It's hard to tell how long this blog is right now.  I feel like I've been writing forever.  I'm on my 4th page now but they're small pages.  I guess I'll find out when I type this up later.  I'm seriously off in my own little world right now.  I keep forgetting the students are even here. 

The office staff here aren't very nice.  I went in during prep to ask about the bathroom and she gave me a look like 'why are you bothering me?'  I understand if your job isn't terribly exciting but would it kill you to smile?  I'm sorry I'm such a drain on your time for not knowing the ins and outs of your giant fucking high school.  Of course compared to my high school, almost everywhere I go seems huge.  The only tiny high school I've been to has like 10 teachers and is home to all the problem students who got kicked out of regular high school.  It's a surprisingly easy job.  The kids probably get in trouble the second they step out of line.  I watch them do art and play basketball.  I've been there like 5 times for the same teacher and it's always the same thing.  I wish I could do art all day.  Maybe I should bring a folder of projects to keep myself entertained.  As much as I love writing, I can't do it all day.  Especially without a computer. 

I think Bishop is anxious to get home now.  He's kicking me.  Well, there's 15 minutes of school left now.  I think this is a good place to end it.  I've filled up 6 pages of notebook.  We'll see how that translates to blog. 

Wow, I must have been bored.  It's my longest blog so far.  I just have to add, on my way out when I was turning in my keys and folder, there was a different lady at the office and she was super nice.  She said things like "good to have you here" and "have a great day!"  At least someone was in a good mood. 

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