February 20, 2013


I spent pretty much all day with Kayla today.  Most of that time was spent in the car.  For about an hour that car wasn't even moving.  After going to the goodwill to pick out some dresses that would fit me, we came back to the apartment and neither of us had the energy to leave the vehicle.  After a little deliberation, we decided to just wait in the car until John got come from work which ended up taking twice as long as we had anticipated.  Then he jumped in the car and we drove off on another adventure.  My point is I spent way too much time in the car today.  I'll bet that car is glad to be rid of me. 

Also, I wish the natomas school district would stop using time cards.  About an hour of our time spent driving was to go to the district office to drop off my time card, which took 2 seconds, and then driving back.  There should be a better way to do that.  I'm not made of gas money. 

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