February 21, 2013

The Book on Dating

Last night, despite feeling sick, I decided to go to church to hear a lecture:  "Love; baby don't hurt me".  How can anyone not go to something like that?  It just begs attendance, which certainly did not disappoint.  I think there were at least twenty or so of us there.

The lecture was on who not to date, or rather, what to look for in a relationship that will key you in that maybe the person you're with isn't exactly the one for you.  I hate to say I fit quite a few of these "warning signs" from people I have dated in the past.  Apparently, I have bad instincts when it comes to dating.  Why is this lecture not a dating handbook?  Then again, if it had been, would I even have bothered reading it/taking it seriously?  Hard to say now.  I've seen my share of successful relationships since then that I'd like to believe I know better what to look for, but who knows.  Love has a tendency to blind you.

I tried to look up the the particular article that was used, but I couldn't find it.  I'm not sure whether it's a specific lecture or if it can be found online, that's rather part of the problem.  With google's new tracking policies, I've found it to be a far less reliable tool for helping me find what I'm looking for, expecially when I click links to see if "this might be it" and it decides this must be what I'm looking for.  If I find it, I'll definitely link it to this page, because I think it was a good lecture and I think it would be useful to others.  I'm not sure how useful it was for me aside from pinpointing where I've gone wrong inthe past, but even that can be helpful for future relationships.

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