February 21, 2013

House Hunting

Today John and I went and looked at the outside of a house we might want to rent.  There was a lemon tree in the backyard.  It was full of almost ripe lemons.  That means if the inside looks good and we end up renting this place, we could have a tree full of ripe lemons waiting for us when we move in.  There's also a spacious backyard where we could plant things.  And a cherry tree.  Cherry blossoms are my favorite flowers.  I just hope the inside doesn't look like complete shit because I love this place already.  I guess we'll find out Tuesday. 

I'm excited about moving but I'm not excited about packing.  I just hope we can find a place and get out before I get enormous.  I'm showing already but at least my belly isn't getting in my way... yet. 

I should look up some lemon recipes.  Maybe get some jars to store lemon juice.  Mmmm. 

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