February 18, 2013


Today I killed about an hour by making a pile of ashes on the kitchen table.  The whole time John was watching me nervously and complaining that I would leave burn marks on "his" table.  I think he was just jealous because I was burning things and he wasn't.  I don't blame him.  It's a lot of fun.  Also the table survived with no permanent damage.  I guess its specially equipped to handle ashes made from paper.  In fact, I think most tables are designed to handle the equivalent of dust.  They even make these specialized tools called "dusters" to handle these types of messes.  We didn't have to resort to that though.  I was able to handle this disaster with a paper towel. 

John's gonna be so pissed when he reads this.  I'm even typing it on his computer so it's like double insult.  I'm in a weird mood today.  He did take me to get bundt cake and tea today so that was super awesome of him.  I thanked him with the giant pile of ashes.  He was not appreciative. 

I was just about to say something about posting before Kris and then I checked the blog and noticed that she posted just minutes ago... so close.  Maybe tomorrow. 


  1. Did you tell him about the pickle jars...jerk.

  2. I have... I don't see how this is related though.