February 25, 2013

...It Pours!

Part two!

I somehow think I managed to get pink-eye.  I'm not entirely certain how this happened, although from a little internet search online it suggests that I should actually be going to see a physician right now at 10p.m. because what I have isn't pink-eye and may be something worse.  Whatever happened to doctors making house calls?

As such, with me barely being able to see out of one eye, I'm not going to be coming up with anything interesting today.  I'm just miserable now.  I'm still sick with something that resembles strep and now I'm sure I'll have to go to the doctor tomorrow.  And this is really bad because if I have pink-eye, I technically can't be in school as I was planning on being in school tomorrow because of its contageous nature.

Until tomorrow.

Update:  Apparently there's a crazy virus that not only attacks your sinuses and throat, but also your eyes.  Bleck.

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