February 18, 2013


I've heard people say before that when you start going to church regularly and really practicing your faith, you start seeing your life realigning to a more Godly one.  I never really took this seriously before.  I always thought I was living a pretty good life, and I really never saw any kind of changes taking place within me.  Lately, all of this has changed.

I find myself starting to feel differently about things I never really batted an eye at before.  It's little stuff, really.  Content on television, in songs, in movies.  Stories about people mistreating others.  Even disappointment in my own thoughts and actions, although it isn't nearly like the self-deprication that it was before.  Ultimately, I don't think these changes are bad, it's just...different.  Unexpected.  I have to wonder whether this is because I've just really started taking my faith more seriously or because I've been putting more things into practice since going through RCIA.

I have to say, I kind of like the "new me".  It's like a better version of the old me.

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