February 14, 2013

The Devil is an 8th Grader

So today I subbed for a school that is middle school and high school combined.  Last week I subbed there for the first time.  I had all high school classes.  I didn't yell at anybody.  Today I had two sophomore classes and three 8th grade classes.  I cursed in class, sent one student to the office before class even started, and repeated the words "sit down" more than I've ever said them in life... combined.  The 10th graders were great.  I was so happy 4th period when the 8th graders left and the high school kids came in.  In fact, when I found out 6th period at the beginning of the last group of 8th graders that they had an assembly, I almost cried from happiness.  I got them out of my hair for most of the period.  However, they made up for it in the 10 minutes I had them back in class at the end of the day.  The entire 10 minutes consisted of me telling them to sit down and shut up.  Do kids just forget how to listen in 8th grade?  One things for sure, if I ever do decide to teach full time, it won't be middle school. 

On a baby note, everybody noticed my belly today.  One of the adult faculty asked me when I'm due.  Students were asking me about the baby all day.  One even asked if she could touch my belly.  I said no.  That's just weird.  I think my stomach grew last night because no one asked me about being pregnant yesterday.  It's nice that people notice because it's the biggest part of my life right now and it's cool that people recognize it.  Also I was finally able to schedule my ultrasound so we can find out what we're having!  I have an appointment on the 25th, the day after our anniversary.  I can't wait!  I waiting almost 2 weeks for the office to call me to schedule the appointment.  But its cool... I'm not mad... I'm just glad I finally got the appointment. 

Today was an eventful day.  Thank god its over. 

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