February 15, 2013

My little troll

I've decided that our baby must be a boy because it likes to troll me when I have to pee.  I'm not talking about the 50 times a day I have to pee and have easy access to a bathroom.  Peanut doesn't really care about moving during those times.  I'm talking about the times I have to pee but have no access to the bathroom.  Like a few days ago when I was subbing and I had to wait about an hour because it was in the middle of class.  Students can get up and go to the bathroom whenever but teachers have to wait until designated breaks because if we leave kids alone they will set the building on fire.  Or something.  Anyway, I was waiting patiently for my break when peanut decided to start doing flips.  It's like she was saying "oh, you have to pee? Here, let me MASSAGE THAT FOR YOU!" 

The second time was this morning when I had a completely full bladder and John was taking his sweet time in the bathroom before work.  Peanut started kicking me. 

I think a full bladder is like caffeine for babies. 

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