February 23, 2013


Every once in a while I have a strange night of sleep filled with strange dreams that just completely messes with my sense of reality.  Is this a thing?  Like, a medical thing?  Is there actually a medical condition that someone can have where their dreams mess with their sense of reality even in waking?  If not, I think I should be getting some money for some kind of testing and maybe even a condition named after me.  Although, I suppose I should really turn to the internet to try to answer my question before I go off and run down a rabbit trail like this.

Either way, I am so confused this morning.  It took me nearly a full hour to sort out what was a dream and what wasn't.  That's just...not right.  Perhaps being sick has something to do with this as well.  I've already been having a hard time concentrating in the last few days.  What's made everything even more wacky is that I feel like I'm out of touch with time.  I thought for sure I had missed a blog.  I guess not.  Everything seems up to date, but it just feels like there was one more day in this week.  This week has grown an extra day, an 8th day, in my mind.

As I said, this isn't the first time such a condition has messed with my sanity.  I woke up convinced one of my parents was dead because of a realistically vivid dream.  It took a while for me to sort out events as reality actually occurred.  From a metaphysical standpoint, my brain is gold.  It begs questions like:  What is reality?  How do we know it to be real?  If dreams can affect our perception of reality, how do we know what we're perceiving is in fact reality?  Darn it...I think I'm finally starting to understand Berkeley better, even if I refuse to agree with him on principle!  I might pursue this line of reasoning if works like Inception among other things didn't exist.  For now, it's a venue I think I'll refrain from indulging in during writing other than to chronical the oddity of my mind, and in the meanwhile I must do some research on this.

What ever happened to my lent blog being about my religious journey?

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