April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

One week and counting!

I actually wanted to talk about Palm Sunday today because it has a special place in my heart.  Around this time of year, my Mom, sisters, and sometimes my Dad and I would go to visit our Grandmother in Tennessee.  Since she passed two years ago, we haven't gone to her house or anything since.  I actually really miss it.  Every year, my Grandmother's church has a ceremony with fire.  I don't really know what the significance of it is, but I remember it because it was like having a bonfire at the church.  We would also get palms which we would sometimes braid into neat patterns during the palm service.

One time, when we were supposed to go up and get blessed by the priest, my sister accidentally decided to take communion instead.  She drained the entire wine glass as well, proving my sister is my mother's daughter when it comes to having a taste for wine.  I remember how mad and embarrassed my mom was about it, but it's pretty funny in retrospect...from a certain view point.

Our church sometimes did a pagent of sorts with someone playing Jesus and riding in on the paper mache donkey they stored up in the attic.  This didn't happen every year.  I remember it happening at least once...like, the one year we weren't in Tennessee for palm sunday.  So maybe it did happen every year.  It definitely could have!

Either way, the getting of palms and the celebration of the last week of Jesus before he became crossed is one of my favorite celebrations for some reason.  Have a picture to celebrate!

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