April 3, 2012

Day 36: School

You know, it's not just lent that went by fast, this whole semester is speeding by.  I only have a little over a month until summer.  In grade school that would make me feel happy and joyful but in college, it just makes me go "OH SHIT I ONLY HAVE A MONTH TO GET ALL MY SHIT DONE!"  That is how I will feel until I finish my final paper.  Then I will feel like my happy joyful young self who is done with school for a whole summer.  UNLESS I take summer school which might happen.  I'm actually planning on talking to the head of department today to find out if that is a possibility.  That's the nice (and annoying) thing about grad school.  It's not a straight forward system.  If I want to take undergrad courses (which I'm totally allowed to do) I have to get approval from the department head and the professor teaching the course so that they can both make sure I'm doing more work than an undergraduate.  However, there's a class I want to take next fall that doesn't have a professor listed yet.  This could put a wrench in my whole plan.  Or force me to take another class.  Both equality as horrible. 

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