April 3, 2012

Counter Point

Of course I agreed to write on a weekly topic with Angela.  While this began as a "Lent blog" it would be foolish only to update once a year for 40 days.  While this has been a great way to get me to write down thoughts about random things every day for weeks on end, I did like the idea of being able to slow down and consider posts ahead of time.  I've written a couple in preparation for this blog that I look forward to posting at some point in the future, finding them unsuitable for Lent posty goodness.  Lent posts are a time for rediculocity and randomness.  All other blog posts are serious business.

That being said, Angela is at my mercy for what I choose to post.  Commence with the wailing and gnashing of teeth!

1 comment:

  1. Equality is horrible eh? You might want to rethink your spellcheck agenda. :D