April 4, 2012


One thing I remember from my youth about the last few days of lent is my grandmother fasting.  Unfortunately, I don't remember which days she used to fast for lent.  I think it was Thursday or Friday because Jesus was "dead" and therefore you fast.  Either way, I'm considering doing this this year.  I've never fasted before and I get the feeling it's not an entirely pleasant experience.  However, I feel the need for a change in my life and culminating my lent experience by steeping it in tradition sounds like the first step.  Either way I'll have to look into this a bit more.  I can't remember whether this is a three day thing or not.  Like...Thursday through Saturday.  With a paper to write and people coming over this weekend on top of school, this may not happen.  If it does, I will surely log it into the blog.


  1. Actually, you're supposed to fast every friday during lent. My dad used to do this. Cause he's Catholic.

  2. My Grandmother was also Catholic, but as far as I know, it was only the one friday. Which is tomorrow...woooo