February 24, 2015

This One's for Angela

I was kind of hoping something would inspire me today, but nothing really did.  I've been converting data into charts and graphs for most of the day.  This is all exciting, I know.

So instead, I asked Angela to give me a topic and she gave me the topic of kitties:

I don't currently have a kitty, but I do like kitties.  They're fuzzy and full of fluff.  Where did that yarn thing come from?  I've never seen a cat go after a roll of yarn.  Maybe that's because I've never had a ball of yarn to throw at a kitty and see how she reacted.

Apparently my rain also defaults to kitties as being "shes" even though my first kitty was a boy.  And he was the most awesome cat ever.  I remember that he used to let us dress him up in baby doll clothes and push him around in a stroller.  I don't know whether he really liked it or just put up with it.

Angela would give me the topic of kitties.  She can't resist them.  Every time we left the house in college, if there was a cat, you can bet Angela would not only find it, but touch it.  She also is currently cultivating a house of cats.  She's probably hugged every cat in the world, too.  Don't believe me?  Let's ask Dwight:

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