February 20, 2015

Day Two, Already Making Adjustments...

Yesterday, I was introduced to a calorie counter which made me realize something:  I'm very lucky I monitored myself during Lent last year when I was fasting.  My caloric intake was less than half of what's recommended, and while I was trying to choose items that would be healthy, give me energy, and help me make it through the day, I realized I don't really have a baseline for my eating habits, and I should probably start there.  As such, I have decided to change my Lent fast into something a bit more productive (and also wanted to own up to it).  I'm going to monitor what I eat, and try to stay towards the minimum requirements for a days' caloric intake, as well as supplement with exercise.

I'm actually quite excited about this.  It's been really interesting putting everything I ate into this calculator all day.  I've learned that practically every undoctored doesn't add a thing.  I also learned some surprising facts about some of the things I've been eating, like peanut butter and a glass of milk.  Having something at my fingertips which calculates what I'm going to eat has also helped me to rethink what I might have eaten/drunk too, or when I'll eat.  It's a lot easier to want to forgo snacking on something when it's on hand and you can see exactly how much it skews those numbers.

I'm also looking forward to using this website to gauge what my homemade recipes are like.  I've never really taken the time to see how healthy the meals I prepare are, even though when I cook I try to make things that are healthier than what I would get if I ate out.

Yeah...maybe I'm a little too excited about this, but it's nice to have such a tool at my disposal.  Sometimes the 'future' is really handy.

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