February 21, 2015

Beer Makes Kris Something...Something...

I had planned to blog about something in particular today, but then I had a beer and now I've completely forgotten what it was I meant to talk about.  I don't think it was actually the beer, but I'm going to blame the beer anyway, because the beer can't defend itself.

We had the Rite of Election today, which means I got to take all of the catechumens from our group up to the cathedral to be accepted by the Bishop to enter the Church on the Easter Vigil.  The cathedral is so pretty, I always regret not living closer so that I could go more often.  I actually get to go twice this year, which is really neat!  I intend to do a blog about that one in the future, because I get to go up for a ceremony I have never been to before or heard of before yesterday.

I've been really enjoying the time that I've been finding for prayer.  Today I showed up to the church early and discovered that there was adoration going on in the morning, so I got to enjoy morning prayer in the presence of our Lord!  I was thinking about how the Tabernacle, the monstrance, the crucifix, and the picture of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus were all tied together and it just made everything seem really amazing when all together in the same room.

At this juncture, I totally remembered what my other blog was going to be about, but I feel like I've come to far to go back now.  I'm just going to do as Angela did and leave this here:

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