February 27, 2015


I made the mistake of trying to nap today.  I guess it would have been better if I didn't sleep and just laid in bed for a while but I fell asleep and then was woken up before I was ready.  When will I learn?  Maybe I should try napping on the couch.  It's much easier to get off a couch than a comfy bed.  Plus I'm less likely to fall asleep. 

I haven't blogged this late in a long time.  Usually my deadline is before Bishop goes to bed because this is my time with John.  He's waiting on the couch for me right now to watch Game of Thrones.  We're almost done with season 3.  It's been a crazy ride.  I did learn something about myself.  I don't care about spoilers.  I've known a lot of different things that were going to happen in the show and I still enjoy watching it.  I wasn't sure because John told me a bunch of stuff about Lost and I lost interest in the show.  I made it to the early episodes of season 2.  I was never sure if I didn't like it because of the spoilers or if I just didn't like it.  I think this proves that I just don't like Lost.  It's kinda weird because I loved Fringe and I just assume everything J.J. Abrams does is awesome but whatever.  He can't win me all the time.  I also liked Almost Human and it got cancelled.  We'll never find out what was beyond the wall!  Why do you do this to me TV?  Why?! 

Okay, I'm gonna go see if Jaime Lannister gets home yet.  Longest trip ever. 

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