February 26, 2015

Dance Walking

I think I've been working too much lately because I've noticed myself double-scheduling things without realizing it.  I've also felt pretty air-brained and disconnected.  Which is apparently pretty good news for my creative side of my brain.  Only, I've noticed that I keep adding the letter g to the end of words, especially brain.  For some reason, my brain keeps wanting to spell its name as braing.

I can only assume that I'm descending into madness, because I was thinking about how cool life would be if we randomly broke into musical numbers.  Choreographed song and dance with authentic music sounds really fun.  I guess the best I can hope to achieve is to randomly get other people to dance down the street with me in a busy city.  I know it's already been done, but it sounds like a lot of fun.  You know what, I want to make this happen...

Let's make Dance Walking a thing!

Edit:  Oh my!  I found the backpack I need to make this happen.


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