February 26, 2015

20 Months

Well, my little guy is officially 20 months old today.  I thought I might take some time to talk about being a mom.  I mean, just some time cause I've NEVER talked about it before *winky face*.  In case you can't tell from my Tuesday post, I'm exposed to a lot of children's television and literature.  I have whole books memorized now.  I just read Bishop a story before nap time and I only glanced at the words once.  It's not really that difficult because everything rhymes.  I think I could write a kids book.  I've already thought about writing a song that I can use as a lullaby in the future.  There was one time when Bishop woke up in the middle of the night in the recent months (I think he was cutting a molar) and I picked him up and started singing.  He stopped crying right away.  I felt like I had magical powers.  Before I became a mother, I fantasized about picking up my crying infant (like only months old) and singing to calm him down.  It didn't really work like that in real life.  I'm sure singing to him helped but it didn't quiet him right away.  So it made me feel really good when it did finally happen. 

Before I put Bishop down for nap, I told him that he was a cutie and a charmer and very smart and that he will unstoppable just like Leslie Knope.  I'm so proud of him already. 

Here's some pics of him playing in the yard the other day. 

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