February 25, 2015

Time hop

There's been a lot of lent posts coming in my time hop recently because *surprise!* lent is around the same time every year.  If you've never seen or used time hop, its just an app that tells you what you posted on this day in the past years.  The post from 3 years ago was about getting married because it was the day after I got married.  The post from 2 years ago was about our anniversary dinner and finding out that Bishop was a boy.  The post from 7 years ago was Brandi with chocolate on her face.  That picture always makes me smile.  That picture wasn't in my blog cause I hadn't started it yet, it was just on facebook.  There were no posts from last year.  I guess there was nothing to talk about.  Most days my time hop is pretty sparse.  Then the little dinosaur at the bottom talks about what a monumental day I had.  When there's literally no posts on the feed, those comments sound super sarcastic.  I wonder if they do that on purpose.  Like why doesn't the dinosaur just say "Omg, you're a boring fucking person" and then I'll be like "shut up, dinosaur, I was doing more important stuff than posting a bunch of bullshit on facebook" and then he reminds me of some super important event that changed the world and I feel small and insignificant.  Stupid dinosaur. 

This post got really ranty.  Meh, whatever.  At least I beat Kris today! 

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