February 28, 2015

Cell Post

I was reflecting today about how much of our time can be spent tethered to our cell phones and I'm a little unhappy with how much I've become addicted to using my phone.  I'm worried about missing calls from work so I keep it on me all the time, but I never used to be that way.  There was a time when we didn't have these things and we didn't worry about missing calls.  We would let answering machines get it and return calls later.  I can only remember a few times when I was worried I'd miss a call, honestly.

Have we really become so used to instant gratification that we can't wait anymore?  I'm going to cut back on my cell phone usage and start treating it like a regular phone again.  I don't like how dependent I've become, nor do I like prioritizing myself around a gadget.  I know that all this started because I used to substitute teach and missing a phone call meant missing work.  However, I'm not doing that anymore, and I don't think I like the habit that was formed as a result of that.  We'll see how this goes!

Come to think of it "cell phone" does sound like something from a prison.  I think in this instance, that is a bit ironic.

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