March 1, 2016

Making effort

Okay, I'm blogging from my phone.  It feels like cheating but at this point it seems like the only practical way for me to post.  I don't often have 2 free hands to type on the computer but I am able to keep my phone with me.  I'm not sure if I'll be able to post links on Facebook from my phone though. I guess we'll see. 

Anyway, I am now a mother of two.  I'd say my mood now is tired but happy.  I feel like a weight has been lifted.... literally and figuratively.  I was a little stressed before about all the details: when I would go into labor, getting Bishop to a babysitter, making it to the hospital before Marshall came out, trying to flip the baby, and the possibility of a c-section.  Now that it's all over with, I just feel content and happy and so in love with my new little man.  All the details worked out great, although the birth was more than a little traumatic.  I'll get to that story later.  Here's my new cutie. 

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