March 1, 2016

Getting Old

At age 25, my back went out for the first time.  Two years ago, my dog pulled me down the stairs in winter and I never really fully recovered.  This year, I will be thirty and my back has gone out so often this year, I'm a little jealous because I don't even go out that much.  That's a bad joke that didn't really come together well, but I bet you at least rolled your eyes reading it and that's enough for me.

My back went out at work today.  It's the first time that's ever happened.  Usually I'll be in bed when my back decides to be the most painful thing in the world ever, but not today.  Instead, I spent five hours in the most intense agony ever and the rest of my night has been spent in a state of nausea which is great.  I was worried when I got older that I would have to watch out for heart disease and cancer.  Instead, I'm in agonizing pain every time my back goes out and I'm not yet thirty.  Getting old really sucks sometimes.

Today's prayer is for peace.

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