March 8, 2016

Living in the Fridge

So last Wednesday, my fridge decided to die on me.  To add insult to injury, it also started blowing hot air on all the things.  I unplugged it and cleaned out much of the freezer, but after a certain point I decided that since Tuesday night is garbage night, it wouldn't hurt anything to leave the rest of the contents in the fridge until the following week.  After all, what was the worst that could happen?

Answer:  the entire fridge got moldy.  Everything inside.  For some reason the concept that things are securely wrapped did not give me pause to consider that they may not be as secure as I'd like to think, or that the fridge would take to molding so rapidly in just a week.  These things are meant to be cold for a reason, and it is honestly INSANE what happens inside of a fridge when it gets warm.

Today's prayer is for the RCIA candidates.  Yesterday's was for our priests.

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