March 3, 2016

If Life Was a Musical

I've had the conversation with a few people throughout my life of what it would be like if the world randomly broke into song and dance; to exist in a musical.  I started really thinking about the breakdown of that today, though.

Would free will exist?

If life was a like a musical, would you have the choice of whether you were going to join into the musical number?  Would there be times when you were a background singer/dancer whether you wanted to or not?  Would it be considered social etiquette to share leading and background roles throughout your life?  If it was compulsory would you have any choice?  If it wasn't compulsory would it be considered rude if you opted not to join in or removed yourself from other people's numbers?

If singing and dancing was compulsory, free will couldn't exist.  You would have no choice but to join in the number either as one of the leads or as a background person.  Everyone would have to be synchronized in order for that to work, though, so I have to wonder if we would have some kind of sixth sense about things that would happen during musical numbers or if people would learn how to effectively stay out of each others' ways.  Also, if you were in a music number as someone's arch-nemesis, would you be instantly aware that they don't like you even if you never talked with them about it (like when you meet someone and instantly know you aren't going to get along) or would your song depend on whether or not you know about this animosity and the feeling was mutual/not mutual?

If free will existed, how would you know what to sing/dance and when?  Would this be learned behavior?  Would classes revolve around learning how to ad-lib song lyrics and dance?  Would the person who started the song be in charge of leading with tone and style or would everyone involved be free to participate.  Actually, that last question sort of goes along with the free will not existing questions.  How would free will even operate in that kind of environment?  Would it be as easy as getting out of the number or not joining?  Like, if I join in, than I am accepting the compulsory nature of the musical number, but if I choose not to, then I can go about my business and just steer clear of it.  Would it be considered rude to jump into someone's background if you didn't know them?  Would it be encouraged?  Would people try to have the biggest musical numbers possible?  Would concerts even exist?  Would bands even exist?

There are a lot of unanswered questions here.

Today's prayer is for discipleship. 

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