April 27, 2013

Not Sure if Luck or a Higher Power

I've had a rather week this week.  There has been SO MUCH going on that I haven't even had time to settle down and write a blog.  It started last week when my supervisor wasn't keen on the final project I had for my students.  She wanted something more "fun" for them.  I rather agreed with her, mostly because Greek mythology was what sparked my interest in theology to begin with, so I decided to create a shiny new project with just three days to go before Monday when it all needed to happen.

My weekend disappeared in a flash.

It literally took from Saturday morning to Sunday night with brief intermissions for my niece's birthday, mass, and walking to finish the lesson plans, graphic organizers, rubric, mythology packets, and sample projects for the class.  But it was totally worth it!  The kids seemed to really get into the project and I think I may only be missing a handful of projects from students here and there.  Not too bad, really!

Consequently, I was left feeling like the whole rest of my week was off in some way.  I had some other obligations this week which resulted in me leaving to get to class an hour before it started when it takes an hour and a half to get there.  I mentioned to my sister that the only way I was going to make it was if I hit every green light on the way up...and somehow I did.  Which never happens.  I don't mean rarely happens, I mean in all the year and a half I have been driving at various times of the day to get to this chool, I have never ever ever hit every green light all the way up to it.

The following day got even better.  My folks left for the weekend and said they were going to be taking one of the cars with them.  Not even giving this a second thought, I left all of the things I needed for class in one of the vehicles.  When I finally made it to the point that I was ready to leave in the morning, I looked outside to see the wrong car in the driveway.  Why is it that despite evidence to the contrary, we sometimes think that our own force of will might change a horrible situation into a better one?  I intentionally grabbed the wrong set of keys hoping that somehow trying to open the doors with them would prove in some way that they had not taken the car I needed with all my stuff in it.  Alas, this was not the case.  The keys did seemingly nothing and I had to accept the fact that EVERYTHING I needed for class was gone for at least two days.  Resigning myself to beg the other team of teachers at my school for their copy of the day's lesson materials, I quickly grabbed the right keys, locked up the house, and ran out the door...only to find the car I needed with everything still in the driveway on the other side of the house to my confusion, irritation, and intense relief.  I turned to get the right keys and go back into the house only to realize that I had only grabbed the keys to the other car, not the house keys, and was completely entirely locked out of the house (possibly for two days or so) with no way of getting into the car to rescue my materials.  In a moment I can only attribute to willful denial, I decided to try to open the car door anyway and somehow, somehow it was open!  My sister managed to let me into my house a little later and all was right with the world, but I have to say, all these coincidences the last two days which have somehow worked out in my favor, I'm not really sure they're coincidences at all.

Despite my busy schedule, I have kept up with my walking and praying with God.  I have successfully done 10k every day for the first two weeks of this adventure and we are coming around into the home stretch of week 3.  Sunday we will be halfway done with this challenge.  My step count has even gone up a little.  This week, I've started to break 10k with a new record of over 13,000 steps.  My new goal is to try for 15K over the next couple of weeks if time allows for it which has become my new adversary actually-time.  I no longer feel the same fatigue and exhaustion as I had been feeling in the first couple of weeks.  Quite the opposite in fact.  I now have to walk because I am more energized when I do, I'm also more relaxed now that I have created this walking routine in my life.  I didn't get stressed out over the weekend when I was spending the whole time working on projects for class and I didn't even freak out all that much when all of those frustrating situations were coming up.  I was able to set aside that frustration and anxiety and key into my rationality to work through the situation better.  That being said, I fully endorse walking 10K a day.  It's good for you!

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