April 12, 2013

The Problem of the "City"

Since I discovered that it seems like it's easier to walk around town and pray (I still can't explain why other than the distractions of town seem to help with keeping my mind focused on one thing), I've been doing that.  After my walk yesterday, though, I just didn't feel like posting anything.  I had a very strange incident that made me wonder how often similar things happen around town, as we have moderate population of special needs and vagrant people who walk around town quite often.  To elaborate:  I had someone scream incoherently at me and then toss a pop can at me from the side of the road.  Since I was praying, I really wasn't expecting that and I sort of froze.  Luckily, that was exactly what I needed to do to have the can miss me.  I have no idea if anyone can get hurt from a pop can being thrown out of a car window at low speeds, but I'm glad I didn't have to find out.

This incident just made me really sad for those people.  I have no idea who they are.  There was absolutely no way they could have known who I was; I was walking around town in a hoodie I never wear with the hood up and they did this while my back was turned to them besides.  This seems to suggest that they do this indiscriminately...unless they actually did somehow know who I was.  Either way, it was a blaring reminder that people can just be so hateful no matter where you are.  I'm seriously more worried for the other people they may do this to, however.  I suppose I should have recorded their license plate number and called the police, but I also didn't want to make a scene if I wasn't hurt.  I don't know.  Maybe today I'll go back to the parks.  At least there I don't have to worry about being attacked from a car again.


  1. You should probably still report it even if you're not hurt. You could have been especially if the can was full.

  2. I didn't really get their license number and it was some red car (of which there are many). I just avoid that road now.