April 7, 2013

Prayer in Motion

Monday, we're beginning a "10K a Day" challenge for six weeks at the school I'm doing my student teaching in.  This is meant to promote health awareness at school.  I'm assuming the intent is for students to see teachers being conscientious of their health and therefore act as a model for healthy lifestyle choices for their students?  I'm not sure exactly, that's just my assumption.  They gave me some literature on it, but I admit, I pretty much read it and forgot it.

I've known for a few weeks that I was going to participate in this activity, but I also decided to mix some eastern philosophy into this project.  Having studied Tai Chi a few years ago with some really great people, I've started missing the act of meditation in motion.  Since I've begun to pray more towards the end of Lent, the idea began to develop that I might do "prayer in motion" instead of meditation in motion.  My idea is thus:  I want to do 10K a day with God; walking with God if you will-although I don't intend to limit myself to just walking, I may do some meditation on scripture while I practice Tai Chi.

As such, I decided to continue blogging daily while I do this 10K a Day.  I want to keep myself honest and for some reason I seem to do that better when I record publically than when I don't.  I can't say for sure that I will blog every day, but I intend to try.  We'll see where this goes.

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