April 10, 2013

Breaking 10K

I actually broke 10K today, but I had to get help.  For some reason, snagging a group of people to walk with made it easier to forget how long I had been walking.  Oddly enough, we still talked about church and God for most of the walk.  Well, perhaps not all that odd, except I didn't tell them what I was doing exactly.  Somehow the topic just got brought up and that lasted for a good portion of the trip.  I only made it through 2 rosaries today while I walked, but that's ok too.  I remembered all of the mysteries we were supposed to meditate on today which was part of why I was saying five the last two days.  I kept forgetting to announce the mysteries and so I just counted each rosary as one mystery instead of each decade.  Is that even a valid form of praying the rosary?

So far, my total is in the 11,000's.  I also somehow managed to get 3k in today at school.  Woo!  Another first!  I honestly wasn't sure that I was going to get in very much today.  It's been on the brink of storming all day and has been at least overcast, if not torrential downpour (like this morning).  I was pretty sure that I was either going to have to go walk around Wal-Mart or finally break down and find a place I could get a subscription to the gym at.  For some reason, after coming home and getting some food, the cold outside didn't seem so very cold after all and it wasn't raining so I decided to go for it.

Interesting lesson of the day:  going into a park to pray and walk is highly distracting.  Walking around town and praying (where there is so much more going on and so many more  people) less distracting!  How does that even happen?  Perhaps we're trained to block out so much more when we're in town than when we're trying to relax in woodsy areas, I don't know.  All I know is that it was easier to pray the rosary without an actual rosary and walking around town than it has been when I'm trying to pray in the woods, walking around, and coming across others along the way.

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