April 8, 2013

10K a Day Feels Impossible

I am clearly not as active as I should be.  This is what I learned today.  After calibrating my pedometer about midway through the day, I determined that I maybe walk about 2k steps while I'm at school.  This is based off the fact that I walked about 1000 steps since lunch to the end of the day.  I went home and collected some prayers that I could meditate on and pray while walking, then I went to this nifty park behind the schools to walk and pray.

Lesson of the day #2:  while it's possible to read prayers and walk, it is not very effective.  I think I need to pick some prayers that I know or memorize a few and say these whenever I do this because reading and walking isn't going to do it for me.  I did manage to memorize some prayers while walking, through.  I was saying a variation of the rosary today, but it wasn't one that I was familiar with, so I'm not sure how well I was meditating on it as much as I was trying to get it right and walk.  Fun times!

Lesson #3:  it's really hard to memorize prayer, pray, walk, and do all this while others are walking/running by.  Being outside and with so much distraction I'm sure I lost my focus a number of times.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Lesson #4:  sometimes when you're ready to give up on something, you can find inspiration randomly.  About the fifth walk around the park, I was thinking "maybe I won't be able to do this" and then there was a random snake.  For some reason, it just made the association to scripture for me and I found the inspiration to finish my first 10K.

I'm not sure how I'm going to manage this tomorrow, actually.  It's supposed to be raining and I don't really have a gym I'm a member of.  I wouldn't mind walking out in the rain, but I really can't afford to be sick.  I'm still determined not to give up in the first week.  That would be depressing.  I may just settle for working out on some of our equipment at home.

Woo!  I finished my first 10K with God!

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