May 1, 2013

Walking for Life!

This is my shameless plug of the week as well as an update!

I've hit a bit of a wall with the walking thing.  I've run into a ton of stuff I'm doing all at once so my steps have gone from "I think I can do 15k a day" to "OMG how am I going to get in 10k?!".  Even with all of the craziness going on right now, I've decided to participate in a 2 mile walk for life on Saturday.  Typically, it takes an hour for me to walk 2 miles, so I don't really forsee this being a problem.  Not to mention, I get to raise money for a good cause, and get my walking in early so I can finish my paper due this week!  It all falls into place.

For my friends who actually read this:  would you be willing to donate to my cause?  You have my number, text, call or otherwise message me (if there is another way to do so from your phone that will contact my phone...I don't have fancy iPhone-nonsense!) or you can hit me up on facebook.  Prayers and support are likewise acceptable, but contributions help more!

Oh yeah, the update:  I've made my 10k every day so far and we're almost done with week 4!  Two weeks left to go!  Woo!

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