February 24, 2012

Wove and Mawwage

I’ve known Angela ever since she was a poacher in Alaska.  I tried to tell her at the time that salmon weren’t endangered animals, but this was how she had chosen to make her living.  It was a cold, cruel life out on the ice.  Long, frigid days and almost unbearable nights were enough to change a man.  The isolation and the grueling hours could easily drive one insane.  Luckily Angela was already insane, so there wasn’t much left to lose.  I don’t know what the circumstances were leading up to John’s arrival, but I remember the day the Canadian Mounty rode his noble moose steed into our camp.  He swept Angela off of her feet almost immediately.  Literally!  John slipped on the ice getting off of his moose mount and collided in a heap with Angela.  That was the day they fell in love.  From that day onward, I was certain the two of them were going to be married.  A Canadian Mounty and an Alaskan salmon poacher is a match made in heaven, anyone can tell you that.

To that end, I have only this to say:  Congratulations Jangela!  Angohn?  You know what?  It only really works for Krangela.  Sorry, gave it my best shot.  Congratulations John and Angela for tying the knot!  I wish you both many years of happiness!  Or  at least one.  I hear tell the world ends in December.

February 24, 2012

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