February 23, 2012

Day 2: 21 Hours

This is me and my flower.  I made it because I'm getting married tomorrow!  The one in my hair is whats known as a 'practice flower'.  I had to make sure my method of making a hair comb flower was structurally sound before I used my most super awesome flower that I'm actually putting in my hair tomorrow.  I also decided that since I have a flower in my hair today, I should wear a Hawaiian dress to match.  This was probably the best decision I have made all year.  You know, besides the one to marry John... but really I made that decision pretty much the day we started dating CAUSE HE'S THAT AWESOME! 

Also, Kris has accepted my love.  She's lent blogging with me!  We're like a super awesome unstoppable lent blogging team.  All we need now is a mass of fluffy kittens and the world will be ours. 


  1. I love the flower! Wish I could be there tomorrow :)

  2. Almost thought that was Olive on your head! :)

    1. I wish she was still that small. She'd be easier to slow down.