February 22, 2012

Day 1: Angelas lent blog, year two

This lent blog is like a sequel to last years lent blog BUT with the added bonus that Kris might possibly grace us with her presence if she deems us worthy enough of it.  We've actually been talking about starting a website called Asylum 204 since last year when I started my first lent blog (back when neither of us had any homework to worry about and it was the perfect time to start such a thing) but it didn't happen so I started my own.  Now we're both in Graduate school and have no time for such a project so naturally that's when I set up this blog.  Kris says she's too busy to post right now but YOU'RE NEVER TO BUSY FOR LOVE KRIS! 

Anyway, with regards to lent, I plan on posting something every day, even if it is hilariously short, EXCEPT for Sunday's because (as we learned last year) they are not part of the 40 days of lent and totally messed up my whole day count.  Unfortunately this blog is not sanctioned by the church because, as I mentioned on Facebook, I have class tonight and will be unable to receive my official start of lent ashes.  What a tragedy. 

Happy Lent everyone!


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