February 23, 2012

Lent Blog...fo real yo

So yesterday my esteemed collegue and the better half of the Krangela pairing made an observation to which I was going to explore prior to the excitement of my first post (see:  OH GOD I HATE BLOGGER).

Ash Wednesday!  Without ashes!

I too was a victim of the Ash Wednesday ash robbery.  I didn't get my Jesus mark and I am a terrible Catholic.  I blame school and work, but mostly it comes down to me being a lazy S.O.B.  I could have woken up at 4am, gone down to the church, attended Mass, and then come home and prepared myself for the day...but I didn't want to get up that early.  Maybe I should change my lent resolution to get up early to pray, but I've already blown that all to hell, since today was the first day and I didn't do that either.

Oh wait, I've got it!  My penance shall be posting mindless drivel for the masses to read.  Perfect!

See?  Because, I've already done it.  I'm on day two, so that...yeah, you get it.

Happy Lent Blog everyone!

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